Great News!

"Thank you for your partnership and encouragement during this first phase of the re-election campaign! While the primary election results won’t be certified until Tuesday, it is clear we have secured our place in the general election!

The next few months will be critical..."


The next few months will be critical in furthering our commitment to inclusive environments where student centered policy decisions expand rigor, high expectations, and Equity for All Learners. Your financial support is essential for the journey ahead so please give what you can through our donation portal. Every contribution funds opportunities to help engage, inform, and grow our coalition in the coming weeks.

I continue to learn, connect, and advocate on behalf of our students and community, as I have for many years. It is a privilege to serve and an honor to represent. Thank you for believing that together we can ensure that each child, regardless of race, characteristic, or circumstance, has the resources and supports they need to create their future!

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